Vivian Ho

Senior Personal Wealth Manager

Academic: Bachelor of Science in Management (Hons)

Professional: CFP

Clubs & Awards: MDRT (2022), Prestige Titanium Club (2022), Prestige Gold Club (2021), HNW Prestige Club-SPWM (2022), MDC Gold (2016, 2017 & 2019), Superstar Club Gold (2018)

The “never give up” and “perseverance “ attitude is what I have developed and built throughout my journey. GT Group is an environment where each and every individual can grow holistically though constant trainings to improve our relevant skills and knowledge. I love how we work hard when it is time to work, and play hard when it is time to play, in GT Group.

Moving ahead, I will continue to strive hard to help my client fulfil their dreams by achieving their goals and desire by means of wealth enhancement through financial planning.

GT Group