Yeo Jing Xian

Financial Consultant

Academic: Bachelor of Communication studies

Professional: AEPP

Clubs & Awards: MDC GOLD (2018), PRESTIGE GOLD (2020)

Upon graduating from university, I worked in a major broadcasting company in Singapore. I have had promotions along the way too, however I felt like I was working blindly without any sense of fulfillment. The jump to GT Group has since changed my mindset, for Gabriel is the most supportive Leader that I have ever encountered. I have grown from working hard to working smart and learned that self-discipline is an important development so far. The constant inspiration and support from our directors, managers and colleagues brings a healthy environment that pushes everybody to achieve greater self-development.

Moving ahead, I am glad that I am in the right group and I hope to be able to provide greater services and value for my clients in their financial planning.