Sheron Tan

Personal Wealth Manager

Professional: Associate Wealth Planner, AEPP®

Clubs & Awards: MDRT (2018-2022), International Dragon Award (2021 & 2022) – Bronze Dragon Award (Agent Category), Prestige Titanium Club(2022), HNW Prestige Club-PWM (2023), Prestige Gold Club (2023)

I first started out when I was 21 years old as a student advisor and it has been a decade since I joined the industry. Although my parents had objections to me pursuing this as a career, I persisted and went full-time into it when I turned 23 in 2014, after my graduation. Initially, I struggled as I encountered countless rejections and had poor time management whilst juggling between studies and work with little support from friends. But I persevered through roadshows, cold calls and other methods to grow my clientele, and I learned to build trust along the way.

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