Gwendolyn Chen

Financial Consultant

Academic: Diploma in Nursing

Professional: AEPP®

Clubs & Awards: MDRT (2021 & 2023), Prestige Gold Club (2020, 2021 & 2023), MDC Gold (2017 & 2018), Superstar Club Platinum (2016)

The value I place on my business is how much of it is being retained.

From the beginning, the goal in mind has always been about building long term relationships in this career. I believe in spending time in getting to know my clients better and truly understand their needs. This is to ensure that I can value add in their journey to achieving their financial goals. Through a strong partnership, we can then ensure a more positive outcome that’s realistic and sustainable in the long run.

Having prior experience in nursing has also trained me to become more empathetic and enabled me to build a trusting connection with my clients. It is through the course of discussions that I’ve learned to see things from their point of view.

Moving forward, I will continue to work together with my clients on their financial goals by means of holistic financial planning. Close to 8 years in the field, I’ve never seen another figure like Gabriel. He’s the embodiment of passion, expertise, experience, humility & pinnacle achievement all in one.

The system he built for GT Group throughout the years, along with constant improvisation is the reason why despite the competition, our job just keeps getting easier to do.

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