Isabelle Oh

Senior Personal Wealth Manager

Professional: CFP

Clubs & Awards: Singapore Hall of Honor Awardee in 2018, Centurion Club (2010-2020 & 2022), HNW Prestige Club-SPWM (2020 & 2022), Prestige Platinum Club (2021), HNW Prestige Club-PWM (2019 & 2023), Superstar Club (2009), MDC (2008), COT-Qualifying and Life Member (2022-2023), COT (2021), MDRT (2012-2020), Prestige Titanium Club (2023)

In GT Group, I yearn to provide professional advice to clients to achieve their financial dreams and protect their loved ones in times of need. Moving ahead, I look to continue dedicating timely and quality servicing and support to my clients.

GT Group