Fernice Chua

Financial Consultant

Academic: Diploma in Business Studies

Clubs & Awards: MDC Platinum


In the 5 years with GT Group, I came to understand that what it takes to overcome challenges and adapt to unexpected changes is not forgetting the importance of turning setbacks into comebacks and pushing the limits to what is possible.

GT Group provides comprehensive and structured trainings to ensure knowledge and compliance to our standards and best practices. Goals and objectives are laid out for us to ensure our own progress all year round. There is nothing more fulfilling than providing my clients with a peace of mind, such as not having to worry about large medical bills when they require medical care.

It is not about how big the organization is, it is how happy the home is. I am glad to have a great mentor who is committed in helping me achieve success in GT Group.

Moving ahead, I would love the opportunities to build a successful team with right ethics.