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GT Group: Building Generations of Trust

GT Group first started in 1994
as SP-Gabriel Tan in AIA Singapore.

The District’s proud heritage of success saw it achieving the Top District in AIA Singapore in 2017, amongst the many accolades achieved over the years. It is currently the longest serving group in AIA Singapore to make the transition over to AIA Financial Advisers Private Limited (AIA FA).

GT Group is committed towards providing our clients with a one-stop suite of financial services to keep them well-prepared of the changing times. Our promise is to always be around for our clients and their families beyond generations, and to be their preferred advisor during times of prosperity and their protective shield in times of adversity.

Success Stories

GT Group focuses on providing a dynamic environment for our representatives to thrive, evolve and succeed, grooming over 8 Directors, 56 Associate Directors and Managers, as well as over 500 practitioners since its formation. Hear from some of our success stories, and maybe you will be inspired to write your own with us too!

Joel Donovan Valerino


Clubs & Awards: MDRT, Centurion Club

My three years with GT Group has seen me acquire a vast amount of experiences and a major takeaway would be; learning different systems and appreciating the resulting consistency and efficiency achieved from everyone’s contribution.

I enjoy the systematic way that GT Group operates in terms of the sharing of product knowledge, the support rendered and prospecting platforms. And I appreciate that our Executive Director, Gabriel, puts in extra efforts in conducting product classes to increase our knowledge on products every Saturday.

In the near future, I see myself growing my team to 15 Financial Consultants (FSCs), grooming 5 MDRT agents and ultimately promoting to become an Executive Director.

Pamela Wee

Associate Director

Clubs & Awards: MDC Platinum

Throughout my years as a Financial Consultant (FC), I have always believed in providing the best service to my clients – which includes sincerity and honesty that cannot be bought or measured with money. I strive my best to listen, understand, and provide my best sincere and honest financial advice – that takes into consideration of the needs of every client.

GT Group is very much like a real family to me. We provide balance to each other, and build upon each other’s strengths and work to improve on our weaknesses as we keep everyone in the team motivated towards success. GT Group provides countless opportunities for me to excel and brings out the best in me; I am extremely thankful and blessed.

Pamela Wee

Associate Director

Clubs & Awards: MDC Platinum

Lim Zhan Kang

Financial Consultant

Clubs & Awards: MDC Platinum

The one year in GT Group has shaped my mentality to be stronger and to always look at things from another angle as every client has different needs and constraints. Being able to empathise different scenarios, and handling different objections, allowing clients to make the right financial decisions and overcoming their mental barriers are some of the factors that I have learnt throughout my journey.

GT Group fosters culture that encourages initiative and critical thinking – with limitless resources and knowledge – and I’m glad that everyone are more than willing to provide their assistance and guidance whenever needed.

Moving ahead, I see myself capitalising on the new partnership with external services like Fortis Law, Mednefits, and Swaen Capital, providing a wider range of product and services, and to be a cut above the rest.

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