Sabrina Ong

Executive Director

Professional: CFPCM

Clubs & Awards: HNW Prestige-ED (2022), MDRT Organisation-Sapphire (2021-2023), MDRT Organisation (2022-2024), Top New FSD (FYP)-Corporate Solutions (2013), Top ED-Corporate Solutions (2021,2022), Master Club Zenith, AIA Singapore Hall of Honour (2018), Pinnacle Gold (2023), Pinnacle Organisation (2022-2024)

I believe investing in people development. By equipping our team of Financial Consultants with greater skills and knowledge, we will be able to provide the best financial planning to meet our customers’ needs.

Sabrina joined AIA Singapore as a Financial Services Consultant in April 2000. In a very short time, she proved her leadership potential and was subsequently promoted to a Financial Services Director. With more than 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, Sabrina is a strong advocator and believer of providing sound financial planning to her customers.

She was amongst the pioneering batches of the Certified Financial Planners in 2003. Throughout her years in AIA Singapore, her belief in wholesome planning for her clients has resulted in her achieving various awards including the Top Agency Manager in Corporate Solutions and Personal Lines. With Sabrina at the helm as a Financial Services Director, her District has consistently achieved positive growth year-on-year.

With her wealth of experience and expertise, she continues to impart both her knowledge and skills for the growth and development of representatives. Recognising the constant changing environment, the Organisation will continue to invest in people development thereby equipping the Financial Consultants with better skills and knowledge in meeting the customers’ needs.

We look forward to many more years of excellence and growth ahead!

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