Gabriel Tan

Executive Director (Founder)

Professional: CFP, ChFC, CLU, FChFP, AEPP, FIFP(S), FEPA

Clubs & Awards: MDRT Organisations - Emerald (2021), Pinnacle Platinum (2019-2023), HNW Prestige Club-HNW ED (2019-2022), HNW Prestige Club-PWM (2022), HNW Prestige Club (2008-2020), Top of Table (2021-2023), Pinnacle Club (1996-2018), Top Awards in ED Category (1st Runner-up), Top ED in Corporate Solutions 2019

I believe strongly that Financial Planning will be the way to go in the near future. Knowledge itself will not bring us there. Knowledge put to good and effective use, definitely will.

Gabriel Tan is an Executive Director of GT Group of AIA Financial Advisers Pte Ltd. He was with AIA Singapore for more than 28 years and in 2017, Gabriel had once again achieved the Top Financial Executive Director in AIA Singapore.

With an impressive string of track records, Gabriel was previously awarded the Top Group Financial Executive Director (FSD) in 2016 – the highest Agency Leader recognition – and, having achieved this consecutively over the period 2013-2016. In 2017, the Top Group FSD title was achieved by one of Gabriel’s promoted Directors who demonstrated his commitment and track record in building successful and long term sustainable agencies and leaving an inspirational legacy.

Gabriel was awarded the prestigious ‘Insurance Agency Leader of the Year’ at the 1st Asia Trusted Life Agents and Advisers Awards in 2016. While winning this award was an astounding recognition of his leadership and success, Gabriel did not stop there...

He went on to groom and promote many successful FSDs and consistently institutionalized best practices which allowed him to re-build and grow his District. With a strong platform for success and a track record for Agency building, Gabriel developed a total of 8 direct FSDs in AIA Singapore - with his most recently promoted FSD going on to achieve a record breaking $10M FYC in 2017, and in addition, the promotion of 5 new FSDs in 2017.

Gabriel was also a pioneer in helping to build AIA Singapore’s operations and the agency force in Cambodia, the newest fully licensed market for the Group. He has quickly established one of the largest agency forces there. He has also proudly groomed AIA’s first MDRT qualifier in the country.

Gabriel is also highly regarded for his selfless contribution in continuously sharing his model of success with the agency force across the AIA Group and markets. Despite his hectic schedule, Gabriel generously and tirelessly gives up his time and energy to develop agencies across the region and very often gives keynote speeches at Premier Leaders’ Conferences in Malaysia and at agency events in Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka and South Korea.

As he continues his passion of inspiring others, he has touched countless lives and helped many agents to achieve success under his guidance.

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