Xie Yingni

Financial Consultant

Academic: Bachelor of Business in Finance and Marketing

Professional: ChFC®/S

Clubs & Awards: MDRT (2022), Prestige Titanium Club (2022), Prestige Gold Club (2021)

As a child, I always wonder why my mother used to tell me "fail to plan and plan to fail". I had thought that life in Singapore is a no-brainer - growing up, getting married, buying a house and then maybe have a child or two.

Surprisingly, I had a better realization in the true meaning of my mother's saying as I grew older.

In reality, we often miss out the little things in life. It could be as simple as to have the $7 Starbucks coffee every day or just have my $2 traditional Kopi-O at the local coffeeshop.

As my way of planning for my future and all of my clients', I have equipped myself with the knowledge of being a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®/S) and it has opened up a whole new world of perspective with regards to financial planning.

So the real question here is - have you started planning on your financial route yet?

"Cheers to your future you!"

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