Valencia Chin Xue Ning

Financial Consultant

Academic: Diploma in Business, Banking & Finance

Clubs & Awards: MDC Silver

The values I have obtained during my time in GT Group has made me excel tremendously so far in my career and it will definitely continue to help me grow as a whole in my life endeavour. I have learnt to build better relationships with the people around me by accepting different opinions and cultures, and have a clearer picture on how necessary it is to have adequate healthcare and proper management of finance for my future.

I enjoy being in GT Group due to its family culture and the endless generosity to share ideas around - with everyone sincerely helping each other to grow. Whenever in doubt, I can rely on the weekly’s product class that our director, Gabriel Tan conducts - where we are encouraged to clarify any queries we might have before we going out on the field. Also, it is most fulfilling to help my clients whenever they need, especially when they are satisfied with the policies and the policies of their friends and families that they have entrusted to me.

In the upcoming years, I foresee myself growing a team, expanding the group and eventually becoming a Director of my own.