Tan Kok Siong

Personal Wealth Director

Academic: Bachelor in Sciecne (Hons)

Clubs & Awards: Top Of The Table MDRT


Throughout my years in GT Group, I have formed great rapport with my clients and friendships with my colleagues. The backend support is crucial in our industry and GT Group has allowed me to focus on my sales while making sure that the most complicated cases get across. Our Executive Director, Gabriel, is a great mentor and the most patient manager I have known.

I witnessed firsthand on how our management and team came together to handle the financial crisis in 2018, and I knew right then that GT Group is a great place to work for. From different age groups, genders, qualifications, backgrounds, outlooks, goals, ambitions, it’s just great to be interacting and working with such a diverse group.

Moving ahead, I would like to help our fellow GT Group members increase their productions while boosting GT Group into a-go-to destination for top-caliber people in our industry.