Prem Daswani

Senior Personal Wealth Manager

Academic: Bachelor of Science in Finance

Clubs & Awards: Prestige Titanium Club (2020 & 2022), HNW Prestige Club-SPWM (2022), Prestige Gold Club (2021), HNW Prestige Club-PWM (2019-2020), MDC Platinum (2019)

This is my third year at GT Group and I have seen big changes in my attitude and positivity towards work-life balance and providing a service that takes care of an individual and their loved ones through protection of future financial uncertainties.

Our Executive Directors, Gabriel Tan and Adam Lee, have been instrumental in my success. Their patience and dedication to ensure that you pick yourself up when you are struggling or succeed is one that is truly remarkable support at GT Group, which is also a thing that I haven’t had experienced in my previous work environments.

The best thing about GT Group would be the ‘never give up’ or ‘never say die attitude’. The work environment is very friendly and supportive, where everyone is respectful and friendly irrespective of your age or race.

My future progress would be to set up my own team and move up to the manager position, so I can pay it forward and show them the trials and tribulations of being a great Financial Consultant. This has been one great journey with GT Group and I look forward to the road ahead with great pride and anticipation.

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