Loy Hsieh-Yih

Senior Financial Consultant

Academic: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Hons)

Professional: ChFC, AEPP

Clubs & Awards: MDC (2006-2008), MDC Sliver (2012 & 2014), MDC Gold (2016),Superstar Gold Club (2015 & 2017), MDC Platinum (2018), Superstar Club (2010 & 2019), Top FC-Corporate Solutions Champions-Gold (2020), MDRT (2020), Corporate Solutions (2019-2021),Prestige Platinum Club (2022), HNW Prestige Club-PWM (2022), Regional Employee Benefits Specialist title (2016-2023),TOT (2023), Centurion Club (2020-2021,2023-2024), MDRT COT (2021-2022 & 2024)

Throughout my years with GT Group, I am well-equipped with product knowledge that can better aid my clients in their financial planning, and its culture has helped me to embrace challenges positively.

I am thankful for the tremendous support and understanding from our Executive Director, Gabriel, and treasure the friendship, camaraderie and synergy in our GT Group. Also, I am glad to have contributed and made a difference in my clients’ lives!

Moving ahead, I am excited on the new services and solutions we can provide to clients to enable a more comprehensive approach in terms of financial planning.

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