Lim Zhan Kang

Financial Consultant

Academic: Diploma in Network System & Security

Clubs & Awards: Prestige Gold 2020

The one year in GT Group has shaped my mentality to be stronger and to always look at things from another angle as every client has different needs and constraints. Being able to empathise different scenarios, and handling different objections, allowing clients to make the right financial decisions and overcoming their mental barriers are some of the factors that I have learnt throughout my journey.

GT Group fosters culture that encourages initiative and critical thinking - with limitless resources and knowledge - and I’m glad that everyone are more than willing to provide their assistance and guidance whenever needed.

Moving ahead, I see myself capitalising on the new partnership with external services like Fortis Law, Mednefits, and Swaen Capital, providing a wider range of product and services, and to be a cut above the rest.