Judy Loh Guat Eng

Personal Wealth Manager

Professional: ChFC

Clubs & Awards: Prestige Platinum Club (2020-2022), HNW Prestige Club-SPWM (2022), HNW Prestige Club-PWM (2021 & 2023), Superstar Platinum (2015, 2017 & 2019), MDC Gold (2012 & 2019), MDC Platinum (2013 & 2018), MDC Silver (2014 & 2017), Superstar Gold (2016), Centurion Club (2006 & 2015), Superstar Club (2009), MDC (2007-2008 & 2011), MDRT (2010, 2020-2023), Prestige Gold Club (2023)

The open-door mentality and supportive mentoring from our leaders in GT Group have created opportunities for me to expand further growth in both my career and life (i.e. a personal outlook and perspective about who I am and what I seek to be).

My greatest achievement is still a work in progress, but it is the confidence, belief and trust from our leaders that gives me the motivation to work even harder.

Moving ahead, I look to ensure a continuity of service to my portfolio of clients, as well as to share and work together with my team to rise above the challenges that we face everyday.

GT Group