Josephine Ong

Senior Financial Consultant

Academic: GCE A Level

Clubs & Awards: MDC GOLD 2018, MDC PLATINUM 2019, PRESTIGE TITANIUM 2020

Prior to joining GT Group, I have always been very conservative when it comes to investment. However, in my years with GT Group, I have learnt to embrace investment in a different perspective and thus present my clients with a wider and comprehensive financial planning platform that suits their needs.

My manager has always been my pillar of support, be it in my personal or work life. He always encourages me to explore new platforms to expand my planning portfolio for my clients. As a Financial Consultant (FC), it is not just about closing a case, but very much the feeling you get when you have successfully helped your client.

In GT Group, we have great leaders and the freedom to choose what works best for us. I look forward to train and guide the new generation of FCs to achieve beyond their potential.

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