Joseph Lee

Personal Wealth Manager

Academic: Bachelor of Business Management, Finance

Clubs & Awards: Prestige Titanium Club (2022-2023), Prestige Platinum Club (2020-2021), HNW Prestige Club-SPWM (2021), MDRT (2019, 2021-2023), Centurion (2019), Superstar Gold (2018), HNW Prestige Club-PWM (2023)

I was previously from the banking industry. At GT Group, I enjoy what I do and thank the organisation and my clients for the support and trust they have in me. GT Group also rewards Financial Consultants (FCs), like myself, for our hard work through various incentives and challenges. Most of all, what gives me the best sense of fulfilment is when my clients, from all walks of life, become my good friends.

I appreciate the culture at GT Group where colleagues are generous and help one another out. Established systems are also in place, allowing FCs to run our business successfully and efficiently.

Moving forward, I look to be a manager and lead my own team of passionate FCs.

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