Fiona Chia Shiyan

Personal Wealth Manager

Academic: Diploma in Chemical Process Technology

Professional: AFP

Clubs & Awards: HNW Prestige Club-PWM (2021 & 2023), Prestige Platinum Club (2021), AIA Singapore Employee Benefit Specialist (2020), Prestige Gold (2020), MDC Gold (2017- 2018), MDC Platinum (2019), MDRT (2021-2023), Prestige Titanium Club (2023)

Right through my years in GT Group, I have acquired multiple skills such as interpersonal, knowledge, leadership, and soft skills which have further led to a greater career path and personal development. The welcoming support from our leaders and colleagues in terms of sales and servicing is extremely helpful as it has allowed me to expand my career in a fast and dynamic manner. At the same time, the resources from GT Group provided me with timely and efficient services to my clients.

Moving ahead, I hope to see myself progressing in every aspect, especially towards leadership, in the near future.

GT Group