Crystal Xu

Financial Consultant

Academic: Bachelor of Business Management

Clubs & Awards: MDRT, CENTURION 2020

My insurance career started during my final year studies at Singapore Management University (SMU) end 2018.

Juggling both studies and work were never easy especially with the demands and expectations of the Insurance Industry. Fortunately, I was surrounded with a dynamic and supportive team, teamBoey, as well as good friends and family that stood by me.

In 2019, the efforts, hard work and sacrifices finally paid off! Entering into the top 10% in the industry by achieving MDRT and Centurion Excellence in my first financial year at my first job was definitely the dream come true!

With my schedule filled with activities and the right mindset, everything is being made for growth. Countless trainings, joint field work and encouragements from my leader was one of the key contributing factors to my achievements.

With all the inspiring role models who lead by example, so do I, for the people. Attaining the Top Premier Consultant title sets the benchmark to be a role model for the new Financial Consultants.