Alexis Hong

Financial Consultant

Academic: Bachelor Degree in Commerce

Clubs & Awards: MDC Gold

Joining GT Group is one of the best decisions of my life as it has opened my eyes to meeting more walks of life and contributed significantly to my personal growth and overall confidence. These 2 years have been incredible and I am now well-equipped to add further value in terms of overall finance to all my investors and clients. The support from my admin and management team has been the most helpful. I am also extremely proud to say we have the most dedicated Executive Director, Gabriel, who gives us weekly trainings to share his knowledge and support!

It is the most heartening when my customers trust me and refer their closed ones to me. Personally, I think the side achievement of being in this job is being rewarded with home-cooked meals whipped up by my customers. This career is more rewarding than people think or know of!